Mental Health

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Is this your story?

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The "Perfect" Mom: Turning intimidation into inspiration.


Calling All Super Moms! 

If you’re a wife and a mom, I think it’s hard to read about the woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 without feeling like you come up short. Not only does she sound like she does it all, but she sounds like she’s got it all together. How annoying. At least, that’s honestly how I feel, especially on a day where just getting the kids fed and out of the house on time feels like I’m trying to squeeze water out of a rock. “What’s that in your hair?”, you ask. “That would be the baby…

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How To Get Out of Your Own Head


As I was reading my devotional this morning, I had an epiphany. Immediately afterward, I realized that I should have had this “epiphany” long ago. This summer, Lord willing, I made it my mission to learn contentment and peace within my spirit despite times of hardship. This has always been one of my largest struggles. The last year and a half have NOT helped.

I've never had much trouble praying when times are tough, but I have always had trouble waiting on God. If you have ever wondered how t…

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Mental Health In Literature: Giving a Voice to Those Suffering in Silence

Hello, all.

Long time, no type. (Sorry)

It's back to school here amid  pandemic 2.0 here in Florida and things have been, well..

Moving on...

I often refer to myself as a mental health warrior. What the heck does that mean? Do I have a Xena Warrior Princess costume hiding in the back of my closet> You know, a little plether number that I dust off one a year for the Ren Fest? 


Simmer down CosPlay crew. I love the Ren Fest.

When I say I'm a mental heath warrior I'm talking about r…

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Body Shaming Bullies


I grew up in Michigan, which is basically the frozen tundra.

Seriously, we watched football outdoors in shorts when it walk is the 50's. Ooooh, balmy. 

I did my first undergrad in Manhattan. Neither of these places uses the words "bikini ready" very often.

...then I moved to South Florida. The land of perpetual bikini readiness. Groan.

For awhile it didn't phase me. It's possible that I was just young, in good shape, and did not have the perspective that giving birth to two babies and subs…

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