Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Services

Acupuncture provides a safe, effective, and scientifically proven method of treatment for children and adults. It addresses a huge variety of health concerns while providing a nurturing and relaxing environment very different from modern healthcare. Despite the use of tiny needles, acupuncture isn’t painful! Acupuncture, or Chinese Medicine, is recognized as an effective form of medical care by the World Health Organization. We provide a unique, individualized treatment instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Available Services
  • 90-minute Acupuncture Assessment & Treatment
  • 60-minute Acupuncture Assessment & Treatment
  • 30-minute Acupuncture Assessment & Treatment (current patients only)
  • 25-minute Community Acupuncture Treatment
  • 60-minute Cupping Treatment (does not include acupuncture)
  • Vitamin B12 injection (current patients only ~ combined with one of the above services at an additional cost)

Treatments include a Traditional Chinese Medical intake, exam, and acupuncture.

When appropriate, and based on treatment selection (time), your session may also include cupping, Chinese tui na massage, acupressure, acupoint electrical stimulation, gua sha skin revitalization, ear acupuncture or ear seeds, topical analgesic patches or liniments, a dietary and lifestyle evaluation, herbal prescription recommendations, vitamin B12 or other vitamin/homeopathic injections, stretching, and at home self-care recommendations.


30-minute acupuncture sessions are for current patients only who have been seen in the last calendar year. Sessions include acupuncture and 1-2 other modalities listed above if appropriate and time permits. 

Community acupuncture is appropriate for stress relief or minor health concerns. Only one health concern will be addressed per treatment. Community acupuncture is an acupuncture-only session. None of the above add-ons will be included.

Cupping sessions will use only cupping tools. There will be no acupuncture. Multiple forms of cupping styles, sizes, and techniques are available. What is most appropriate for your health concern will be discussed in the session with your provider. More than one area of the body may be addressed in the session. What is most appropriate for your health concern, including whether multiple areas of the body are treated, will be discussed in the session with your provider. 

Click HERE to read our healthcare insurance disclaimer regarding pricing, insurance submissions, and self-pay (cash pay) options.

Asian Fusion Specialty Services

Asian medicine and bodywork therapies have been providing wellness, comfort, and pain relief for centuries. Dr. G brings her expert knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5-element Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Tui Na Massage, and more to create a unique service offering you won't find anywhere else!

  • Available Services
  • 90-minute Asian Fusion Mind/Body Treatment
  • A total mind-body experience, this exclusive modality combines ancient wisdom with restorative and relaxing techniques that include Chinese and Korean acupressure, Japanese shiatsu, Chinese tui na massage, gua sha skin revitalization, reflexology, and cupping. Invigorate blood flow and immune function, relax your mind, relieve tense and sore muscles, balance your body’s energy, and boost your body’s natural healing.
  • 60-minute Free Your Mind Treatment
  • Ease your mind with this specialized holistic mental health treatment. Gentle facial acupressure, tui-na massage, and jade gua sha skin revitalization, combined with cranial-sacral head and neck relaxation techniques will ease tension in the head, neck, and shoulders as well as your mind. Ideal for overall relaxation or relieving stress, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping.

  • 60-minute In The Zone Treatment
  • Your personalized session will begin with a relaxing acupressure scalp massage, followed by gentle auricular (ear) acupressure, acupressure point electric stimulation, and painless acupressure ear seeds, which you can wear home to extend the effects of this incredible treatment.

Treatments will include a Traditional Chinese Medical intake, health evaluation, and the session of your choice.


These sessions are for relaxation purposes. No modalities that are not listed will be added to the Asian Fusion treatments. For acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical care for specific health concerns, please choose from the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Services listed above.

Counseling & Wellness Coaching Services

Counseling and Coaching Services may include Temperament-Based Pastoral Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as Lifestyle and Wellness coaching.

I provide counseling and coaching services for individuals, mothers and daughters, teen and tween girls, and families. Temperament reports are recommended for ALL clients but are a NECESSARY component for temperament-based pastor counseling. Backed by decades of research and shown to be over 95.7% accurate, temperament reports provide an edge in understanding and a foundation on which growth, healing, and understanding can be built.

  • Available Counseling Services
  • 75-minute New Client Counseling Session: $135
  • 75-minute New Client Couples Counseling Session: $150
  • 75-minute New Client Group/Family Counseling Session: $165+ (pricing varies for groups of 4 or more)
  • Personalized temperament report: $50 per person (one-time fee)
  • 60-minute Current Client Counseling Session: $115
  • 60-minute Current Client Couples Counseling Session: $129
  • 75-minute Current Client Group/Family Counseling Session: $149+ (pricing varies for groups of 4 or more)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Counseling Sessions do not include the personalized temperament report (A.P.S.)
  • Wellness Coaching Services
  • Ancient Chinese Medical wisdom offers many options for reclaiming your health from the stressors of our modern world. Learn how certain stressors such as recurring emotions, certain foods, and even climate changes can affect your physical and mental health.
  • 75-minute New Client Session: $135
  • 60-minute Session: $115 (current clients only)
  • 30-minute Session: $75 (current clients only)

Sorry, we do not accept insurance for counseling and wellness coaching services, which are completely separate from Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Services. Wellness coaching is included in 30-90 minute acupuncture sessions)


B12 injections now available!

Studies have shown that B12 may help*

  • Increase energy
  • Improve mood
  • Deeper sleep
  • Boost metabolism
  • Mental clarity
  • Promote a healthy weight
  • Immune function

PLEASE NOTE: B12 Injections are for current patients only. New patients will need to have an acupuncture assessment and treatment to determine if injections are appropriate.

*Injections do not constitute a diagnosis of any kind and we do not claim to heal or cure any health condition. Refer to disclaimer for additional info.

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