Help! Sometimes I don't recognize my own daughter.

What happened to those days where she always wanted to be on your lap, hugged you, held hands, and followed you everywhere, including the bathroom?

Do you ever catch yourself wondering (or screaming out loud) "Who the heck is living in my house these days?" Maybe eye rolls and snarky comments abound. Or do you feel like you're living with a human hurricane because everything becomes a catastrophe? Or perhaps you're worried that the normal "teenage brooding" is actually a whole lot darker than what's typical.

Motherhood is hard enough. You don't have to go it alone.

Parenting is never what we expect is it? Just when we think we've figured one stage out a new stage comes along to knock us on our butts and make us feel frazzled, exhausted, and ill-equipped all over again. Oh joy. How on earth do you raise a strong, confident, inquisitive, intelligent daughter without it coming back to bite you? Suddenly everything is a debate, a crisis, a fight, or the silent treatment. Now what?

The truth is there's isn't one right way. You'll have to figure it out together, and I'm here to help. I aim to offer you and your daughter a variety of tools to help navigate this cage match, er, I mean journey, together.

Educational seminars may provide insights into behavior and time -tested techniques that may help at home. AcuPatching™ may help shift physical or mental imbalances increasing your or your daughter's general wellbeing.

One-on-one coaching or pastoral counseling is a great option when a more hands on approach is needed. Combined with scientifically-supported temperament testing, which has been shown to be over 95.7% accurate, you can have a greater understanding of who your daughter is and why she responds they way she does. In turn, this may help you lean when and how to approach her. It can also help you understand how you respond to her and why there may be a disconnect based on how your potentially different temperaments view the world differently and have different stressors.

Bottom line, you have options and you don't have to do this alone.