When you love your work it shows. 

After a slew of homework, years of mainlining espresso, and truly terrifying amounts of student debt, I've learned a lot of things. Some from books, even more from the people I've been lucky enough to meet in my nearly 20 years of helping others for a living. When people trust you with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, it's a privilege, but mostly it's really freakin' humbling, especially when they offer up praise in letters, online reviews, and bear hugs.

I'm as empathic as a golden retriever on a good day so I REALLY care about how my work, both in my office, and as a writer affects others. Curse you hormones and empathy! While I rarely talk about my time spent as a creative in the advertising industry, I learned many lessons from those years too. Mostly that no one needs a McRib. ​Not now, not ever.

Here is some of the feedback I've received over the years:

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Patient Testimonials

"I started going to Dr. G about a year ago and one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I was going through a very difficult time….physically and mentally and she listened to my concerns and suggested treatments. I was able to get off antidepressants and other strong meds. I credit Dr. G with giving me a purpose to keep going after the loss of my husband. I can’t thank her and Body & Soul enough. They are truly a blessing. I highly recommend this place to everyone." -M.G.

"Dr. G has been my acupuncture doctor and Chinese medicine guru for over 5 years now. She helped me control horrible pain from a bulging disc in my back. In addition, she always works wonders for my allergy flair-ups or just a quick immunity or energy boost. More recently she worked tirelessly to help me figure out a spontaneous flair-up of pain in my neck and arms. She is beyond knowledgeable in her field, spends quality time with her patients, and is an overall joy to work with. I cannot recommend her more to anyone looking to improve their quality of life." -D.B.

"Dr G has helped me so much through my pain. She focused on areas that caused me severe pain while also including areas that aren’t super painful. definitely recommend her!" -S.G.

"Dr. G is excellent at what she does. I suffered from tendonitis and saw great results after the 1st visit. She is very informative, and I always learn a lot after each visit. Highly recommended." -L.W.

"Started seeing Dr G for anxiety and grief mixed in with a little depression. I had given up on feeling better. I was trapped in a loop of constant panic attacks. She has changed everything for me. The first time I went I felt such a release and it’s just been getting better and better. She is kind, knowledgeable, and just amazing. I highly recommend her, if there were 10 stars I’d give them all to her. I am very grateful. She’s a rock star!" -A.M.

"Hey Doc, I was watching my wife bopping around the house the other day just doing stuff, singing along, enjoying her life, and I remembered that for a very long season, when I'd longed to see that joy and vibrance in her again, she would, instead, be exhausted, discouraged, often bedridden and miserable. I was then reminded that the time that began to change was right around the time you entered into her life with love, patience, wisdom, and skill to intervene in her struggle. So I just wanted you to know that your ministry changes people's lives, and one of those people is my wife. Thank you." -Matt L.

Started seeing Dr G for anxiety and grief mixed in with a little depression. I had given up on feeling better,. I was trapped in a loop of constant panic attacks. She has changed everything for me. The first time I went I felt such a release and it’s just been getting better and better. She is kind, knowledgeable and just amazing. I highly recommend her , if there were 10’stars I’d give them all to her. I am very grateful. She’s a rock star! -A.M.

Gianina is such a special person! She is both brilliant & compassionate! Within the forst 10 minutes of meeting her, I KNEW we would not only be fast friends but that I was DEFINITELY in the right hands! She is by far the very best Acupuncturist I have ever been to! Back, cheek, hip, leg pain gone in 2 sessions! I feel like a new person! I walk with a new vitality & I am truly grateful for the gift she is in my life. If you have any physical pain PLEASE see Dr Knoth, she WILL HELP YOU! May God continue to bless you! -Name Withheld

I love Dr. Gianina. She just knows how to help in every kind of way. Physically and mentally. Please let her help you. Thank you, Doc! She rocks! -Jillian K.

I have had the most professional and rewarding medical experience as an acupuncture patient of Gianina Knoth. She has treated me for over six months for knee, ankle, and back pain. The results of the treatments have given me extraordinary relief. I gave the ultimate compliment by recommending my mom, my husband, and my son's teacher. They are all very satisfied as well. -Maya B.

I have had acupuncture quite a few times and every single time it takes care of my awful headaches. This is not just about acupuncture either it is about total wellness. On my first consultation she went over my health history and we determined what we need to focus on to help my headaches get better. In addition to acupuncture she has also given suggestions of natural remedies for my muscle twitching and other issues. My only regret is that I didn't try her years and years ago instead of suffering and taking medications that only gave me bad side effects. -H.S.

I can't write enough wonderful compliments in regards to Gianina's depth of understanding the philosophy and practice of acupuncture, her phenomenal bed side manner, personality, and her genuine level of care! I came to Gianina in search of help with secondary infertility and autoimmune diagnosis in September of last year. After about 3 months of treatments, I started on Chinese herbs supplements (gently recommended by her in one conversation, but never pushed or hinted at again). That same month I started the herbal regimen, we conceived our second baby! I'm not saying that this will work for everyone; what I am saying is that Im a true believer in the power of acupuncture in the hands of a skilled practitioner like Gianina. My autoimmune symptoms have been much more manageable and most importantly she helped me to feel empowered within my own body again, instead of "broken" like my diagnosis was leading me to believe. I would highly, highly, recommend Gianina! -T.M.

Dr. Knoth is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor.- Kathi B.

"Gianina's knowledge of her craft is beyond profound! The love and care she shows her patients, which includes me and my children, is beyond anything I've ever experienced before. The benefits I have received since coming to her have greatly the stress and pain I was living with in the past." -Jayme S.

Gianina is amazing! With her help and knowledge, our baby has been doing so much better with teething and is also finally sleeping through the night! I would tell anyone to go see her she knows what she is doing and is always so helpful and happy. -C.M.B.

Dr. Knoth listens, makes notes and is totally attuned to my concerns and issues. She has been able to significantly lessen my "cranky back" concerns and has addressed and improved my balance and stability. Dr. Knoth affords a wealth of information and offers suggestions re: diet, supplements, exercise, etc. This information, some well placed magical needles, and her "true care" has afforded me a near pain-free back and improved mobility. -C.W.

I take pretty much every medical issue/question I have about my children directly to Gianina. She always offers practical, natural, and effective tools for me to help them. -Ashley C.

Our son had a terrible time with teething as a baby. He screamed, cried and couldn't rest because he was in so much pain. We had tried every remedy on the market and nothing seemed to take enough of the edge off for him to be more comfortable. After a consultation with Dr. Knoth, she prescribed an herbal remedy. We assumed we'd get the same results we had with everything else. Boy, were we wrong! Dr. Knoth's recommendation was just what he needed and we finally saw our little guy feel some relief! -Maria S.

Dr. Knoth is an incredible acupuncturist. She's kind, compassionate and a sincere listener. She's helped me in so many ways, either through sessions with her or through her recommendations of combining western medicine with TCM. She completely alleviated my plantar fasciitis! I refer her to any and everyone who can't seem to find the results they're looking for using strictly western medicine. -Tina H.

Dr. Knoth is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable...the kind of doctor everyone needs. She takes time to really listen, a very rare quality from the medical profession. Dr. Knoth really cares about her patients. It almost feels like I'm visiting a friend when I go to see her. I highly recommend Dr. Knoth. -Cindy M.

Gianina Knoth is the best practitioner I ever been to. As her patient, I have complete faith in her and value her expertise and knowledge. I definitely recommend her to everyone. -Craig M.

I went to see Dr. Knoth for a very specific reason. Not only did she help me with that particular issue and alleviate all symptoms I was experiencing, but I was very impressed with her level of knowledge, thorough evaluation of the issue and all related issues, and her loving patience and care that she provided. I look forward to making her my 'alternative' doctor before I rely on Western medicine! -Connie K.

Dr. Knoth is, quite simply, one of the finest examples of a health care provider that I've encountered. She listens, she is passionate about what she does, she cares AND what she does works! She and I have been working on getting my health back on track and there have been awesome breakthroughs, particularly dealing with the edema in my right leg. I am quite stubborn in dealing with the medical world - I don't like, nor trust, Western medicine - so putting my trust in Dr. Knoth and Eastern medicine speaks volumes about her capabilities and her kind heart. -Jackie D.

I have been treated by Gianina at various times for nearly two years for knee issues, digestive and hormonal problems and have found relief in all these areas. I now sleep like a baby, my digestion functions as it should and most of the symptoms of menopause have been alleviated. She has always made me feel that her concern and care for me is very personalized and I always look forward to a treatment with great confidence in her knowledge of acupuncture medicine. -Gail S.

Dr. Knoth is a caregiver who truly invests in holistic healthcare starting with acupuncture and carrying through to the spiritual welfare of her patients. She has used acupuncture to treat the early stages of tennis elbow (from office work) as well as stress tensions in my neck and back. The treatments I've received from Dr. Knoth have opened my eyes to the importance preventative care that Western medicine lacks. My tennis elbow is cured! My health, and life, have greatly benefited from Dr. Knoth's care. -Amanda S.

Dr. Knoth has been a huge help and resource to me as a mother of three little boys. Her recommendations and homeopathic treatments have become go-to remedies in our home. We are very thankful to know Dr. Knoth! -BethAnn S.

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Counseling & Coaching Kudos

Gianina has saved my life. I had suffered with the continuous undercurrent of anxiety for 16 years. I tried years of therapy, tapping, meditation, nutrition, chiropractic, and medications. While all helped a little bit, it was always there. Then, after some time with this practitioner, the noise that prevented forward movement in my life was gone. With Gianina you get a comprehensive, whole-person treatment. She works with precise temperament therapy and solidifies the mental awareness with a bodily treatment. Also, she works with and supports psychiatric annalysis so there is no pressure to change to a holistic-only interaction. And, there is also no pressure to attend a specific number of visits. She is beyond worth the initial consultation and even working on a Starbucks salary I was able to work in my treatments. Can’t say enough about the lasting change she has allowed my being to find. Thank you. -Laura S.


Dr. Gianina is incredibly relatable, nonjudgmental, understanding, intuitive, supportive, smart, and kind. After seeing many counselors throughout my life and not finding the help and guidance that I was seeking, I finally found Dr. G. She has helped me in more ways than imaginable and I am so thankful for her. I am lucky to have her in my life and would recommend her to my closest family and friends. -Lisa S.

Gianina's knowledge, insights, and compassion infused with temperament testing are a winning combination. Working with her allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of who I truly am at my core. Her approach has helped me figure out why I do things the way I do, not only in my personal life, but in my relationship as well as my business! This work is an absolute game changer!! It takes therapy to a whole new level!! I am forever grateful!  -J.Z.

Gianina is such a blessing! Her knowledge and true desire to come along side so encourages me. We discussed the personalities of my daughter and myself. She was able to describe both of us better than we could have ourselves. This opened a door to better understanding and then relating to each other as mother and daughter. I highly recommend.” -L.Z.

I'm so glad someone like Gianina has heeded the call to help direct lost, wayward, hurting people back to God through proven methods. What a sweet and tender heart she has yet she isn't unafraid to share God's word as she believes that's the source of all truth.  -Angela T.

Gianina is the best person. She’s helped me more than I can say. She even makes me laugh when I don’t think I can. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. -J.K.

My husband and I enjoyed learning about our different temperaments. We’ve been married for 15 years, so we know each other pretty well, but this analysis provided some insights that were informative and useful. Gianina is well-versed in temperament therapy, which made it interesting and easy to understand and apply. We would highly recommend her.  -M.S.

Terrific lady! Kindness and love personified! -M.K.

I started temperament therapy about six months ago and I would definitely recommend it and counseling! I've already learned a lot about my temperament and how to better take care of myself. I look forward to what I'll discover about myself next. Thanks Gianina. -Rachel P.

I highly recommend temperament counseling with Dr. Knoth. Whatever your age or stage of life, you learn so much about yourself and the "whys" of life....why you mesh better with certain people or why you react in certain situations, for example. It's very eye opening and covers multiple facets of life (work, personal relationships, etc). -Julie R.

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Book Reviews

“I love this book, although I won’t call it a book more a work of word art. Among my favorite pieces are Shadow, Creep, Quarantime, Permission, Battered, Glutton for Punishment, It’s Complicated, Snuff and last but not least the Graphic interlude. I could see the Graphic interlude hanging in a cool frame on a wall somewhere I love it so much lol. This book made me feel again. Words are powerful, please keep on sharing yours with the world.”

“I don’t have the appropriate words to express how much this collection of poetry speaks to me. I’m not exaggerating when I say, that no piece of writing has ever made such an immediate and profound impression on me. This is a must read.”

“I knew from just the preface that at least conceptually I identified with your perspectives, but then your poetry just whispers directly into my soul. I’m blown away...”

“Whoever you are, you need to read this beautiful work of art. This book of poems both changed and saved my life. I mean it. Reading this book helped bring me out of my deepest depression and most anxious times. The author expresses the experiences and thoughts that are so common among those struggling with mental illness. It not only allows the person struggling to connect and understand themselves and others on a deeper level, but it also allows others to understand and be of better assistance for their loved ones who may be struggling.”

“I didn't know that I need this book. Normally, I'm not a fan of poetry books. They're either dripping with flowy language that's overdone, or they delve into despair in ways that I don't feel comfortable. But this book is different. I didn't know that I needed this book, until it showed up.”

“Somehow, G.G. has managed to take all of my feelings, the light and the dark, and put them into words that make me feel understood, supported, and frankly, that I'm not alone.”

“If I could give it 6 stars, I would. Incredibly compassionate and insightful. Beautiful writing.”

“A wonderful collection. These poems are surprising and beautiful in their depth and insight. Each one speaks to you especially if you've ever been affected by mental health issues. It validates what many are afraid to express.”

“While reading this book, I became more hopeful for the future. I appreciated myself and this “gift” more than I ever did before. The author tells a beautiful story through the use of poems that I recommend everyone read it. I was more then excited to recommend my best friend read this book, as it is by far the most incredible, thought-provoking, real book that I have ever read and loved (I am not much of a reader, and am currently reading it for the third time in just a few weeks). Thank you for writing this and truly understanding.”

“Stunning debut; surprisingly relatable. Incredible! A powerful debut collection written with a creative and sharp wit, and a well learned mind. The poems relentlessly explore, astutely observe, to provoke questions reflecting on the human condition. Throughout, they combine an appropriate measure of serious focus, often combined with humor. This work voices disturbing truths but also gives hope, imparting wry wisdom and offering reflection on the many challenges we personally face and perhaps observe in others. A must read for anyone who has lived with depression, or loves someone who has.”

“Great reading. It is a hard subject that really needs to be out there to everyone to understand, and this book can give you a raw, in-your-face understanding in a beautiful way by using poetry.”

“A beautiful work of art. Whisper Screaming in the Middle of a Crowded Room is a true work of art. G.G. Knoth composed such a beautiful array of poems surrounding the topic of mental health. She approaches the sheer reality of people who are dealing with mental health issues or mental illness so eloquently. She is raw, real, and strong. Not only does this book attack the stigma and discomfort many of us deal with when talking about the reality of mental illness, but she approaches the topic creatively, witty, and her sense of humor really shines through during the darkness. This book has made me feel like I am not alone and my feelings are real and valid. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling, going through a rough time, or to anyone who loves someone who is struggling because it provides an expressive reality of what it is like to wrestle with your own brain and thoughts. Whisper Screaming in the middle of a Crowded Room is like no other book I have read. It is a gift, it is a work of art, it is so beautifully written, and most importantly, it is authentic and genuine. This book has provided me with a sense of hope and comfort on the darkest of days. When you read this book I guarantee you will feel the author directly reaching out to you and providing you with a warm hug and smile. You are not alone, you are heard, and you matter.”

“Excellent collection of work! This is an extremely personal and raw collection of work. Throughout the book, Dr. Knoth discusses a variety of topics which are not always openly discussed in many circles, even on a professional level. This book is a good example how reading can reach multiple audiences in the comfort of their own home without feeling ashamed or judged in relating to the variety of topics discussed in the poetry. The book discusses how a person can feel like they are stuck in a web, reminding us of how we mentally become entangled in our thoughts, and how we struggle to free ourselves from the defiant constant thread in our mind and surroundings. Highly recommend.”

“Honest, passionate and powerful...how else do you like your poetry? G.G. Knoth brings a refreshing breath of honesty through the passion of her poetry. This girl is literally ON FIRE! She is burning not only with tumults of today's times but she also burns with the passion of the Spirit. I read Whisper Screaming while nestled in the comforts of my own oubliette and G.G.'s words plucked the strings of my heart while echoing tears tip toed down my lashes. Thank you, sweet sister, for reminding me that "It's Ok to not be Ok.”

“A brilliant journey. Take a journey into the dark and twisty depths of depression followed by the reemergence of light and hope. The author not only offers the reader the opportunity to realize they are not alone but also a glimpse behind the curtain for those with loved ones suffering from depression.”

“Beautiful, honest...piercing and raw. This book is a collection of poetry that reaches into the very depths of the heart, mind and soul of the author, allowing the reader a window into the world of mental illness. Her words are beautiful and honest...and, they are piercing and raw. She seeks to speak to those living with mental illness, and offers them herself in written form, to let them know they are not alone. I highly recommend this amazing collection. May it speak to you the way it did to me.”

“I was being bulled at work and it wasn’t the first time, just a different office unfortunately and your lovely book couldn’t have come in a better time.”

“A must read. This book is profound, brave, and insightful. If you either suffer from some form of mental illness or know someone who does. Either way, this book is for you.”

“Liberating!" Within the depths of our own shadows this book provides a blanket of relatable comfort. G.G. Knoth created a liberating masterpiece of poems that help us all comprehend the dynamic world of mental health. Whether you are impacted with your own struggles or someone close to you is, this book is for YOU! Let us all stop being “fine” & come together on this battle we’re all fighting. Thankful for this author to bravely trail blaze into the murky waters of darkness. She arose brilliantly with words of terrifying beauty! Looking forward to her next creation.”

“Truly a masterpiece. This compilation of poetry is both eye opening and awe inspiring. The author grabs your heart and soul and takes you on a journey into the depths of mental illness, that makes you fully aware of how real and raw the struggle is for so many. It is the hardest book to put down that I've picked up in quite some time. I can't thank her enough for opening my heart to so many emotions.”

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