Statement of Faith

My faith Christ is the most important part of my life. I personally believe that a balanced life is incomplete without God. You will notice if you read my blog or peruse my site that I will not make my personal faith a secret. While I am a follower of Christ it is not my intention to "force" my beliefs on you. Ever. 

I have been commissioned as a pastoral counselor and it is my hope to share how the Gospel has changed my life in a way that never feels pushy, preachy, or flat out creepy. I am writing this statement of faith to be honest about my beliefs but also my intentions. I'm not about sneaky or over the top conversion methods. I believe in making everyone feel loved and accepted. If this has not been your experience with Christians, I hope to be different. My aim is to honor Christ by following His example. He met people where they were with love. 

I did not grow up in the church. I used to find "church" people weird, judgmental, and sometimes mean. (Sometimes I still do.) Past experiences jaded me. I came to faith after much searching and frankly, in an effort to prove Christianity false. I ended up concluding quite the opposite, and Jesus changed my life forever. I also aim to blend faith and science, which can coexist. Mental health has been proven to be a physical ailment in many who struggle. However, it can also be a spiritual issue. Often it is a combination, which is different for each pepsin I work with. My goal is to do my best to determine what can be helped within my scope and refer out when necessary.

While I do hope to interest disinterested people in Jesus Christ, I also understand how "organized religion," those who claim Christ and do horrible things, and certain churches have hurt people. You may be one of them. I've been there too. However, in Christ there is also tremendous hope, redemption, forgiveness, and indescribable love to be found. Peace that surpasses all understanding, immeasurable love, and acceptance do not come from 4 walls and a roof or the people inside. It comes from God alone. 

Bottom line: faith is a person decision and I respect that.

I want you to know that this website and all of my personal services are a safe place to regardless of where you're at or how you identify: spiritually, religiously, sexually, culturally, personally...all are welcome and will be met with respect and love. Always.

Thanks for reading this.