I’m Gianina Gauci Knoth, PhD, AP, LCPC.

I created This Is Not What I Signed Up For, LLC, because I understand that no one wants to struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental or physical illnesses. I provide compassionate, well-rounded care that can enable you, your daughter, or your family to thrive.


I combine professional & advanced degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine,Temperament-Based Pastoral CounselingMassage Therapy & Fine Arts to provide holistic wellness care you won't find anywhere else.

A HOLISTIC approach is not "new age." Holistic is defined the "treatment of the whole person," which takes into account mental and social factors, rather than just symptoms. As a holistic health care provider and biblical pastoral counselor I work by helping to identify the ROOT of mental or physical challenges, which means we are going look at all parts of you or your daughter's life.

Balancing our mental, physical, and spiritual life* can help us learn, grow, begin to heal, and ultimately flourish. 

*See Statement of faith in footer.

I'm glad you're here. Nice to virtually meet you.

I merged my acupuncture practice and counseling and coaching practice to become "This Is Not What I Signed Up, LLC" in the middle of the COVID pandemic, which rocked my professional and personal life. As an acupuncturist specializing in holistic mental health and a pastoral counselor, I realized how important it was for my patients and clients to have multiple access options for compassionate holistic care. Which is why I offer virtual and in office care. You get to choose what's best for YOU.

My professional experience has shown me first-hand what research shows is an exploding problem, depression, anxiety, self harm and suicide are all on the rise, especially among girls and young women.

I believe people and families thrive when the mind, body, and soul are given equal importance when it comes to health care. 

As a specialist in women's health, I love working with women of all ages, mothers, and their daughters. However, EVERYONE is welcome in my clinic. I also work with families to communicate and understand one another more effectively.

My professional experience has shown that women need support, and encouragement, so they can feel empowered to prioritize and advocate for their health. Ladies, stop putting yourself last!

Increasingly alarming statistics have made it clear that access to resources and care for chronic anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental health issues is needed more than ever. Sometimes modern health care falls short, and that's when complementary, holistic care shines!

In my practice, I combine the power of faith and science-based techniques to partner with you to achieve the self-love, clarity, and healing that can help you live your best life. Are you ready to see the power of wellness care that combines physical, mental, and spiritual wellness? Let's work together, and you'll watch yourself thrive!

A Short Personal Testimonial...

My life has been a long road of unexpected life and career changes.

I have two daughters. I was told for years by my doctors told me my body wasn’t capable of having children, so you better believe I have a heart for raising my “miracle” girls to become strong women. Mental health struggles have touched my life in every way imaginable. I’ve witnessed triumph and tragedy. I’ve seen faith and science working together to change hearts, minds, and lives, including my own.

You have your own story, so I’m here to give you the help you need and the support and understanding you deserve.

So ladies, gentlemen, and fellow humans, I invite you to bring your thrice reheated coffee, the stretchy pants you never wear to yoga (Because, seriously, who has the time?), a messy hair bun, and join me in this safe space.

Remember, self care is not a luxury.