Rules & Boundaries

How Your Parenting Style Affects Your Kids


Is there a parent alive that hasn’t wondered if they are screwing up their children in one way or another?

As parents, we all do a mental battle with ourselves, “If I am too strict, they won’t feel loved, if I am too lenient, they'll walk all over me.” What to do? What to do? 

When it comes to disciplining your tween or teen, the real question is: Are you willing to suffer short-term pain for long-term gain?

In other words, do you give in simply for the peace and convenience of the moment, …

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The "Perfect" Mom: Turning intimidation into inspiration.


Calling All Super Moms! 

If you’re a wife and a mom, I think it’s hard to read about the woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 without feeling like you come up short. Not only does she sound like she does it all, but she sounds like she’s got it all together. How annoying. At least, that’s honestly how I feel, especially on a day where just getting the kids fed and out of the house on time feels like I’m trying to squeeze water out of a rock. “What’s that in your hair?”, you ask. “That would be the baby…

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Stop Surviving the Holidays: Confessions of a Slightly Cynical, A-Type, Holiday Control Freak

I spent YEARS trying to make the holiday perfect. Whatever that means.

I had my own ideas about what the holidays should be like, and by gosh by golly you better step in line or get the holly jolly out of my way.

In short, I was a complete lunatic between November 1st and January 1st. I pushed and pulled friends, family, my schedule and my wallet in attempt to give thanks, deck the halls, make the season bright, and ring in the new year.


Call me crazy, but I think about holding …

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Yes, It’s Okay to Say No


This week I was offered a volunteer leadership opportunity. The position is important, God-honoring, and has the ability to impact others lives positively. I left the meeting promising to pray about the decision. This is something I do before making most decisions except “Should I have coffee?”

That is always a yes.

However, no sooner did I get behind the wheel of my car did I feel a clear and resounding “No.” The answer came to me so quickly that it bothered me. So of course I questioned it. …

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Summer Screen Time Wars


Well, it's summer, moms and, yay?

I hope you enjoyed your full two seconds of rest because here it comes. You guessed it... The epic quest to battle to defeat (or at least survive) taking on the blue screen monster that attempts to take over our kids faces ALL SUMMER LONG.

(Stay out of this, Kid Rock, no one is talking to you.)

If you are even remotely attempting to limit you kids' screen time, or say ask them to come up for air long enough to do something crazy like eat or shower…

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