Women's Mental Health Is My Passion

It's Not Just My Profession, It's Personal 

As a mother of two young ladies I'm right there in the trenches with you. I have devoted my life to supporting women, while helping families raise up the next generation with equal parts empathy and empowerment.


Fun Fact: My cool factor keeled over and died the minute my kids turned my ta-tas into their own personal juice boxes.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

Parenting girls? OMG. As if dealing with our own traitorous hormones isn't enough, we have to deal with theirs too? 

Yet here we are struggling to raise our daughters to be strong, independent, capable, and self-sufficient, without constantly battling them because all that confidence comes right back to smack us in the face. How does one find balance when when we are trying to raise them to respect healthy boundaries, their parents, and our rules without wanting to choke the eye rolls and "whatever’s" right out of them?

It's 5'oclock somewhere, right?

If you wish you could speak openly about how hard it is to be a mom, welcome. If you wish you could say how beat down and ill-equipped you feel to handle everything you're going through without some person who's 5 seconds away from a sleeper hold telling you "Wait until they're older." or "Enjoy it while you can, it goes so fast.", take a seat. You are oh so welcome here.

Parenting is a *bleep* show and we need all the support we can get. That is what "This Is Not What I Signed Up For" is here for as well. Safe space, baby. I'm going to do my best to bring a balance of my professional experience I call "How to Raise Them Without Killing Them Before They Kill You First," some genuine support and humor, minus all the Mom Wars BS. (Your parenting philosophy and approach stats don't define you, Karen.) Can't we all just be moms doing our best already? 

Here's the plan:

Learn to stop putting yourself last and letting other people determine your value.
Replace negative self-talk and beliefs with healthy, self-affirming truths.
We're going to be strong women, raise strong women, and encourage other woman.

My #MomLife In A Nutshell

Not to be old school, but I'm totally a "tom boy" raising two girls. So. Much. Pink.

I love the Lord, my husband, our kids, the Detroit Red Wings, & silence. (Quality time with only one of these true loves alludes me. Silence. It's freaking silence.)

Businesswoman, homeschooling mom, and modern-day Renaissance woman. (Darn right, corset included.)

I'm a major introvert and epic geek. Learning and collecting expensive pieces of paper that just make my name longer is my jam.

Bookstores are my natural habitat, I read comics, I'm Team Ravenclaw all the way & quote Star Wars with abandon.

Currently living and loving the tiny farm life. We kicked city-living to the curb 6 years ago. ​NYC & Paris not included. Not now, not ever.