Are you ready to stop chasing symptoms and get to the root of the issue?

When you aren't feeling well it can be hard just to make it through each day. Who has the time, energy or patience to figure out where to get some help that will actually help?

 One-On-One Sessions 
No two people are alike and your health journey is uniquely your own. For a more personalized experience, one-on-one sessions allow me to asses you personal needs. Together can create a wellness strategy suited to your specific health and wellness goals.

Wellness coaching sessions are not a "diagnosis", but will help assess which holistic options may be the best fit for you. Sessions may include discussion of Chinese Medical theory as it relates to diet and lifestyle choices or the Worsley 5-Element System and how certain prolonged emotions can affect us physiologically. We can also review needle-free acupuncture, or phototherapy patching, where simple patches on acupressure points can help for a variety of health concerns both physical and mental. We can slo review herbal and supplement options, including personalized recommendations from my online dispensary, Fullscript.


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 Educational Classes - On Demand
I'm always typing away furiously to condense the educational toolbox of education and experience from my 17 years in the health care field. Wowza. 

My goal is to take this ton of info and break it off into bite size pieces that are helpful, easy to understand, and most importantly, start implementing into your daily life right away.

My classes include topics that range from holistic mental and physical health, diet and supplemental nutrition, and self care.

Stay tuned more classes are always being added.

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