If you are tired of feeling like your mental or physical health are a constant burden, your relationships are a consistent disappointment, or your spiritual life leaves you full of more questions than answers, is is time to


 Now is the time reclaim control over the choices that impact your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

I believe you CAN and SHOULD control your OWN HEALTH. Professional care is important. Medication can be life-saving. Different types of talk therapy, both professional and layperson, are of great use. However, at the end of the day, only we can make the changes that last when it comes to our health care and well-being.

We cannot fully depend on doctors to “fix “us. We cannot fully depend on counselors, therapist, pastors, friends, or family to fully help us get through our struggles. Each one of these different people or institutions can only offer us a tool from their toolbox. They can hand us a "hammer" or "nail", but we have to do the work. We move the tools.

We are the ones who MUST TAKE ACTION ON OUR OWN BEHALF. This is the only way WE CAN OWN the changes we make. We are the ones who must see it through. If we want results no one can care more about making the changes than we do. It is time to take back control of our own health and our own bodies. It is time to ACT.


I am committed to empowering you. 

Health care is amazing (and necessary), but it often comes with the assumption "If I show up, you'll fix me." 

The truth is, when it comes to our health, nothing is more powerful than a person who is fed up. This is a crutial time when something amazing can happen. You can let it beat you down (again) you OR you roll up your sleeves and take the first step towards the new life you KNOW you deserve.

For the first time it stops being a dream. It becomes POSSIBLE.

Holy crap do I LOVE watching this happen. It's an honor to support people on that journey. THEIR journey. When a person takes the principles they've learned and the tools they've acquired into practice it like MAGIC. Everything changes, for good. Not because some professional "fixed them" but because they did the work, and when you own your own changes, NO ONE can take them away.

   When we have desire to change—and the tools we need to make it happen—nothing can stop us...except ourselves. 

No one can make you quit smoking. You must decide to stop.

No one can strong-arm you into changing your diet or force you to exercise. You choose to make changes.

No one can tell you it's time to leave because you're too good for the person who keeps hurting you. You have to believe it's true. 

No one can compel you to abandon unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative thinking patterns. You resolve to let them go.

  No one can force their faith or beliefs on you. You get to choose.

Do you see the theme here?


to take back your own life. 

Understanding is the root of empowerment and I'll be here to encourage, support, and equip you to achieve your goals every step of the way.



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