Creativity, Self-Expression, & Mental Health

I'm an author, poet, and visual artist.

Yes, I have interests other than book hoarding and drinking espresso. A list slightly longer than my attention span when subjected to mansplaining.


The thimbleful of stuff that isn't my work and family.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to talk about yourself without saying what you do, which is usually about responsibilities? But what lights you up, excites, and motivates you matters too.

*          *         *

I have a background in visual arts and creative writing. That is my decompression chamber. I write, paint, and create. I get frustrated when people tell me they aren't creative because I refuse to believe that's true. Buckle up, because I am going to rid you of any of that "I'm not creative." nonsense, and we are going to dive into a whole new world of self-expression.

Creativity can be a life line as you work through the difficult things in life. Embracing your unique brand of creativity is great for releasing frustration, finding your voice, feeling free, rediscovering yourself, letting go of expectations, and so much more. 

Here's how we roll in my creative sandbox:

We'll believe & behave as though everyone is creative. Because they are.
We will find the words that help us speak our truths.
We will allow ourselves to be playful and open to possiblities.

A Peek At My Creative Side

Mental health-focused poet.

Spoken word performer & visual artist. (Public performances make me feel like I'm going to hurl, but I haven't, so the front row is still safe.)

Former Advertising Creative Director.

I've published three books of poetry, two have made the Amazon bestseller's list.

(I see you New York Times Bestseller List, & I'm coming for you. Fair warning.)

Award-winning visual artist.